Crochet Tufted Receiving Gown Set -  Chloe Style
Crochet Tufted Receiving Gown Set -  Chloe Style
DePasarela Kids

Crochet Tufted Receiving Gown Set - Chloe Style

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Our Chloe is simply a Stunning - Tufted - Cotton - Crochet receiving gown set;

An outfit for a baby Royal Princes!

 - Now including beautiful tufted lace baby blanket!

We love to welcome our newborn girls wearing a beautiful dress. After all it is memorable day. Pictures of this day are meant to last forever.

This precious gown set is also perfect for a presentation ceremony, first pictures session and as a baptismal after-party celebration.

There should not be a specific reason for wanting your baby look gorgeous other than to celebrate her life.

Our Puerto Rican Baby Receiving Dress are 100% handmade featuring:

  • Beautiful handmade crochet collar and dress hem
  • Fine tufted cotton fabric
  • Silk Ribbon
Receiving Gown Set includes:
  • dress
  • lace shorts
  • headband
  • baby shoes
  • New tufted - silk lace - baby blanket 
It is a perfect baby shower gift!


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