Gift Sets for Boys

* ALL gift sets are FREE SHIPPING*

A gift is a thoughtful giving. 

DePasarela Kids has prepared beautiful and fun gifts for your special little ones. 

Whether you’re getting ready for the holidays, a baby shower, birthday or celebration, our unique children’s gifts will always put a smile on your loved one’s face.

Gift sets have become the best choice for special events and celebrations.


1. Gift sets are easy to buy.

2. Gift sets can be an easy purchase, but they still have that personal and thoughtful touch that a gift card or a card with cash lacks. 

3. They are beautifully packed and decorated. 

DePasarela Kids add some "extras" to the gift sets: 

  • Unique boutique designs clothing 
  • Handmade accessories, clothing and or shoes
  • Stainless Steel kids jewelry 
  • Fun, early development and safe toys for babies and toddlers 

Plus - all of our gift sets are FREE SHIPPING!